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Let's Do It

Sep 6, 2019

Let’s Do It is a podcast focusing on the practical aspects of sex education and sexual health. In this episode Liz and Alex are joined by Dr Viv McGregor to talk all about fisting, including how to do it, challenging what you might think you know, and having some fun along the way. This episode contains discussions of sexually explicit subjects.

For more information, sexual health links or to submit anonymous questions, visit our website.

You can also follow the podcast on Twitter, as well as both Liz and Alex.


References and links:

Check OUT Clinic - STI and cervical screening for all LGBTQIA+ people

Free safe sex packs from ACON (NSW only)

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NSFW Lesbosexy Sunday is Having An Epic International Fisting Day Party - Autostraddle

On anal fisting - How Hard
Fisting Day - Jiz Lee

‘Fisting is not permitted’: criminal intimacies, queer sexualities and feminist porn in the Australian legal context - Zahra Stardust 


Books for further reading:

Fist Me! The Complete Guide to Fisting - Stephan Niederwieser

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First Hand: An Erotic Guide to Fisting - Tim Brough

A Hand in the Bush - Deborah Addington