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Let's Do It

Oct 17, 2018

Let’s Do It is a podcast focusing on the practical aspects of sex education and sexual health. In this episode Liz and Alex are talking with health promotion specialist Teddy Cook about HIV, the AIDS2018 conference in Amsterdam and what the global HIV research landscape looks like. We’re looking forward to talking about the history of HIV in the future, but this time we’re focusing on the present and the future!

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References and links:

AIDS2018 Conference link
The Institute of Many - Australia’s largest grassroots movement for people living with HIV
Prep Access Now
Grunt Campaign

HIV history links:

ACT UP Oral History Project - an extraordinary resource of transcribed interviews with surviving members of the AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power, New York.
Lessons from the history of HIV/AIDS in Australia – how activism changed the image of an illness - Jennifer Power, The Conversation
Silence = Death: It’s Time To Teach AIDS History - Dan Royles,, also with a bibliography that’s worth working your way through. A lot of great texts, documentaries and books listed.
The fears of Australia's HIV crisis have faded. The laws of that time should too - Nic Holas, The Guardian
Staying Positive: Condoms, stigma and HIV advocacy in the age of PrEP - Dean Beck, Archer Magazine